With COVID-19 causing us all to go through these terrible and unprecedented times, we thought a little treat from us would cheer you all up. 

Stay home, stay safe;  enjoy your wine and cheeseboard, brought straight to you. 

Every week we are going to be creating fresh new cheeseboards with different cheeses and a wide variety of wines. 

We are fully booked until the week ending May 31st. 

The Menu for the week ending May 31st is as follows: 

Cheddar Cheese
French Brie 
Cornish Blue - From Cornish Co, Cornwall 

Spicy Chilli British Cheddar Cheese
Goats' Cheese - White Lake Cheese Co

Cranberry Wensleydale

This will be served with a selection of crackers, chutneys,  olives, gherkins, a selection of meats, grapes, rosemary, figs, raspberries and chocolate.

This also includes a bottle of wine; Red, White or Rosé. 
We can serve with Cider or other drinks, if preferred.

We also have a sweet tooth, Freshly Baked Homemade Chocolate Brownie option, served with Clotted cream.
This is served alone but can be upgraded to include alcohol.


We want to remind all our lovely customers that when we arrive with your delivery, please do not come to the door. Please let us place your delivery on the door step and step back over 2 metres (6ft) before you open the door to collect. 

Your safety is our priority. - All our staff wear masks and gloves when prepparing, loading and delivering food. Gloves are donned immediatley before handling each delivery drop and removed directly after; fresh gloves are used for every drop.



We have now added to our menu a sweet treat option. 

Our Chocolate Brownies are made in-house and come served with clotted cream.  

Remember, a brownie a day keeps the frownies away. 



Dodo’s, Established in 2020 by 3 friends who all had one thing in common, the love of wine and cheese.

Our team has years of hospitality experience and we cater for large and small events, as well as running markets and Pop up Bars.

By sourcing our products locally, we are able to support local businesses, and can guarantee high quality products.

Eat Cheese, and get happy, with a helping hand from our good friend wine.


Lovely tasty cheeseboard and wine delivered on Friday. Excellent friendly service. Delivered right to your door, what more could you ask for. Definitely recommend and will order again soon. Thank you x - Hannah L

Great service, fab food. Very professional service, absolutely will be ordering again! - Kelly E 

Lovely surprise delivered to my door. Great selection of cheese and cold meats, with a lovely bottle of white. Flowers were added to my delivery too!
Thank you - Laura F 

Fantastic cheese and wine platter delivered today. Great service and will definitely order again! Thankyou. - Shaun C 

Cheese, wine, and salami my idea of heaven! Thank you so much! We loved our delivery. Will be the first of many!! - Karen T 

General Tips for Cheese and Wine


Consider the Age of Your Cheese & Wine

Fresh cheese has a high water content that results in a milky, delicate flavour and texture. As cheese ages, moisture evaporates while fats and proteins remain, providing a richer flavour.

Young wines contain aromas and flavours of fruits, flowers, citruses, and spices while older wines acquire additional oak, earth, and mineral flavours.

In cheese and wine pairings, it’s best to serve young cheese with young wine, including sparkling wine, crisp white wine, rosé, or fruity red wine. It also makes sense to pair aged cheese with older red wines which have a complex body and structure.

Pair Sweet with Salty

Think about the perfect snack food and the wonderful combination of the sweet and salty — chocolate covered pretzels or caramel and cheddar popcorn. Follow the same logic when pairing wine and cheese by serving sweet wines with salty cheese.

Mix Textures

Also, consider the texture of the cheese and wine you’d like to serve together. When it comes to texture, you can either complement or contrast. To complement textures, pair a rich and creamy cheese with buttery, oaky wines. To play on contrasting textures, serve a rich, hard cheese with a bubbly, sparkling wine.

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